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Your Business Backpack

Join me for a video today:

Friend, I wanted to share with an analogy with you that has really, really helped me – not only in my business, but also in my personal life as well.

It seems particularly relevant at the moment as we move towards the end of Quarter One of this year and into Quarter Two. Spring is springing here in the UK and so naturally we’re all beginning to look towards sunnier days and more energy rising – both in nature and in ourselves.

It’s a great time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going, and with that in mind, let me introduce the analogy of The Business Backpack!


First of all, let’s imagine that your business is a journey.


So clichéd, I know but go with me here!

Imagine for a moment that you are walking along a path. When you glance behind, you can see where you’ve come from. When you look ahead, you can see where you might be going.

Maybe you are sweating slightly because it’s been a bit of a tough time of late. Maybe there’s been a giant hill you’ve just climbed! Or perhaps you’re actually whistling contentedly to yourself walking along really easily and smoothly.

It’s become time for you to take a little break before you continue your business journey. So imagine you’re stepping off the side of the pathway and taking off the backpack that you’ve been traveling with.

Placing it down at the side of the road. Perhaps getting out a little snack, maybe some drinks to refresh yourself before you begin again.

And now you focus down on your backpack. You’re looking at it there on the ground next to you.

And you begin to unpack it. With intention, with presence, take out everything in your backpack. Spread it out on the ground around you and take a look at everything that’s there.

The contents of your backpack represent everything you’ve bought with you on your business journey.


what's in your business backpack?


Perhaps it is your clients, your friends, your team, your mentors, your business models, your habits and routines, your practices, your website, your marketing strategy… whatever it is – all of those things in your backpack that you’ve been lugging around – you can see them all laid out in front of you really clearly now.

Take a moment to look at everything in turn and ask yourself: what have I learned thus far from my journey?

What is coming with me? What am I gonna pack back into my backpack for the next stage of my journey because it’s working, or I love it, or it brings me joy?

And what have I been lugging around like a brick? What hasn’t been working, causing me stress, or is actually just dead weight I can let go of?

I’ve found that this visualization, this analogy, is a wonderful way to structure a decluttering process for your business as you move through the transition of the seasons.

And of course, there is so much beauty and sophistication in simplicity; in stripping everything back so that it is elegant and has space to breathe and grow.

Aim for repacking a really minimalist backpack that you can just sling over one shoulder. It’s not gonna give you a crooked neck, it’s not going to weigh you down, it’s gonna be really easy to carry.

A simple, streamlined, intentional backpack with everything you need and love and nothing more.

This will allow you to scale any mountains you might want to conquer. It’s going to allow you to pivot and adapt to fresh challenges and new directions. And most important of all, it’s not going to tire you unnecessarily and sap your energy and joy.

So take some time today to breathe, reset, and refresh your vision.


👉 Where are you going next and what is and isn’t coming with you on your journey?

👉 What are you going to repack with love and care back into your backpack?

👉 What lessons have you learned?

👉 What are you going to let go of with grace and appreciation for everything it’s taught you?


Give this visualisation a go, journal it out and see what comes up for you – I’d love to hear what heavy weights you’re setting down and what parts of your business you’re joyfully repacking! Drop me a comment below or come chat with me on Instagram!

P.S. If you’d like to get clear on exactly what to focus on next to grow and streamline your business, you’ll want to book a Clarity Clinic here. Trust me – they’re powerful! 😉

           Chelley x

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