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7 Areas to Declutter in Your Business

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Hey, Friend!

So, you’ve decided to declutter your business. How exciting! 🎉

Today, I am going to share 7 very juicy areas of your business where you can get your magnifying glass out and see what can be decluttered. Each one of these areas is going to save you time, money, and stress – so let’s dive in!


1.  Time

The first area to examine is where you’re spending your time.

Most especially – what commitments or meetings are you saying yes to that actually do not align with your business goals? I know you have desires and a vision for your business… and there will always be those items in your calendar as you look at the week ahead that make you feel 😩.

Perhaps you feel like you have to turn up to a meeting you’re not really getting value from?

Perhaps it is a client you don’t enjoy working with?

Perhaps it is that thankless task you’re sinking hours into that isn’t producing any results?

Whatever it is, isolate those items in your calendar that are a time and energy suck. This is very, very powerful for not only your own mental health and headspace, but also the growth of your business.

So go ahead and curate a list of engagements this week that clearly contribute to your goals – and declutter / opt out of the rest.


2.  Expenses

The quickest and easiest way to declutter your expenses is to make a simple spreadsheet (perhaps with the help of a statement export from your bank or accounting software) of the last 1-3 months of spending.

Then – line by line – go through it and get crystal clear on where your money is going each month.

In that list, you will most likely (unless you are a saint and/or a genius) find at least a handful of items that don’t actually feel like a useful utilisation of your money.

Remember how hard you may have worked to bring that money into your business – the work you’ve done for clients, the sales, the marketing, the day-to-day tasks you’ve completed… so don’t let your revenue run through your fingers in an unintentional way on expenses that aren’t actually producing value for you! Look for things like:

– Subscriptions to software you are no longer using.

– Maybe you signed up to a free trial, but had to put your credit card details in and now you’re being charged every month.

– Or maybe there are people you are paying who aren’t delivering what you need right now in your business.

Highlight the expenses in your list that are no longer giving you true value, and take action on reducing or eliminating them IMMEDIATELY.


3.  Clients

We have already touched on the third area – and that is your clients.

This one can be a little scary to explore, but we must pull on our big person pants and think about which clients we love to work with, which are “fine” and which we dread talking to.

Yes, we all have those clients – but, as I spoke about in a previous video – we don’t have to pull the rug out from under ourselves, particularly if we are relying on certain clients for income or financial stability as we build our businesses.

It’s always useful to assess the impact that a certain client has on your personal mental health, your energy and your love for your business.

If there is someone who is genuinely toxic that you really dislike working with (maybe they make you doubt yourself, cause you constant stress, or every time you see a call or an email from them, you get a lump in your stomach) it might be time to think about decluttering that client and gracefully bringing the relationship to a close in a very professional but clean and boundaried way.

This will free up your mental and energetic space to bring in new clients who are much more aligned to you, that are going to appreciate you, support you and think that you are the best thing since sliced bread! 😉


declutter business

4.  Ideas + Your To Do List

Ah, the To Do list. We love and hate them in equal measure! This can also encapsulate your ideas list as well as daily tasks.

Now if you’re anything like me, you literally have 50 business ideas before breakfast every single day, and that’s including the weekends! (I don’t know about you, but I find it really difficult to turn my business brain off even when I’m on holiday or should be thinking about other things).

Of course this means that your to-do list can grow and grow… and grow… and GROW because there are so many potential things we could do.

Improvements, new revenue streams, books we could write, changes and upgrades we could do, things we could research… not to mention the nuts and bolts of what we need to do every single week, just to keep our business running.

When it comes to ideas, sometimes we can get particularly attached to them, keeping them on a ‘backlog’ for us to implement ‘someday’. Except someday never comes. Instead, we have the power to simply declare that:

“This idea can be implemented by someone else. There’s someone else in the world who is going to do this better than me and I’m absolutely fine with that. I am going to stay in my own zone of genius and I am releasing this idea back out into the world so it can go and find someone else to play with”.

{Sidenote – if you like this notion of ‘releasing’ ideas, I highly recommend Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic as it’s brilliant for conceptualising creativity like this}.

Not only can you use this process with ideas, you can also do it with your to do list.

Perhaps you picked up a bunch of actions from courses you’ve done recently, suggestions from business besties etc etc.

But there’s only so much you can do and need to do in your business.

You don’t want to be an octopus on roller skates implementing 96 different changes all at once from 16 different mentors with 25 different goals. It just doesn’t work.

So take a few minutes to go through your to-do list and get honest with yourself:

  • Which of these actions am I genuinely excited to implement?
  • Which of these actions am I reasonably sure will produce results?
  • Which was I originally stoked about but am now happy to release back into the wild?
  • Which can I simply cross off and be done with?
  • Which can I delegate to someone else?

Keeping your To Do List clean and clutter free will help you laser-focus and avoid overwhelm each day.


5.  Products + Services

The fifth area to declutter is your services and products – your business model.

This is a great opportunity to go through a list of each one of your offerings and ask yourself:

  • Am I excited about delivering this anymore?
  • What has the traction been like on this particular service or product?
  • Has it really resonated with my ideal clients? Have I got great feedback about it?
  • Are there any parts of it that could be adapted / removed / improved?
  • Does this feel like it aligns with where I’m going in my business?
  • Does it fit with my goals – revenue and otherwise?
  • Am I excited to market and promote it?
  • Do I really believe in it? Does it light me up? Is it within the bounds of my zone of genius?

Simply check in with yourself and do a little journaling around each one.

What can be let go, what can be decluttered, so you are continually streamlining and simplifying your product suite? Your clients will be able to more easily choose what’s right for them – and you’ll have a cleaner, easier business to run.


6.  Influences

Number six on our list is influences – and by that I mean the voices we allow into our heads and our businesses.

This might be, for example, social media accounts you follow, newsletters you subscribe to, teachers or mentors you are studying with etc.

  • Who do you let into your brain and your inbox on the daily?
  • What impact do they have on your mental white space?
  • Are they actually aligned with who you really are, and what you really want?
  • Are they teaching you ways of doing business which are aligned to your values?
  • Do they have the type of business you actually personally want?
  • Or do you get a strange feeling of FOMO or not-enoughness every time they pop up on your Insta feed?

If so, it’s time to Unfollow, Unsubscribe, and curate a peaceful and supportive mental space, free from those who don’t belong.


simplify my business


7.  Working Environment

Last but not least – and oh, such a juicy one! I often see so much magic happening when my clients tackle this one – is turning your attention to your physical environment.

Despite my colourful mandalas on the back wall of my office, you’ll find that I’m actually a bit of a minimalist. My desk, the rest of my office and throughout my home as well is 99% of the time clean and clear – I love the feeling of spaciousness and everything being in its designated place.

So let’s assess where you are running your business from:

  • How does it make you feel when you step into it each morning?
  • What can you declutter, clean and clear off in your physical work environment?
  • Do you need to give your desk and your keyboard a really good clean?
  • Maybe it’s your office windows that need some attention to let in more natural light?
  • Do you need to burn some papers from old clients or businesses that you don’t want to think about anymore?
  • Have you got a pile of receipts which need filing to get them out of your physical and mental space?

Whatever it is, decluttering in the physical world can be incredibly powerful because it symbolises creating space to allow in more of what you want going forwards.

When things are ordered, they’re simple, clean and clear. And the physical environment in which you work is the perfect place to start.


I hope this has sparked a few juicy ideas of areas in your business that have been gathering cobwebs and need a good clear out 🙂

I would love to hear from you. Drop me a DM me on Instagram and let me know what you are decluttering today!

And if you’d like some expert help to declutter your biz and figure out exactly what to focus on next to grow and streamline, you’ll want to book a Clarity Clinic. Trust me – they’re powerful! 😉

           Chelley x

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