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4 Things That Drive Me Crazy About the Online Business World… + What I Do Instead!

Hey. Friend!

The online world is FULL of shady tactics, misleading marketing and frustrating client service. 🙄

Here’s my Top 4 things that make me mad…


1. The “Secret” Formula

aka “When you buy from me, you’ll gain access to my protected, super secret copyrighted formula that will 15x your business in just six weeks! I followed these steps to become a zillionaire – and if you do exactly the same thing, you too can earn 30k a day working 10 hours a month!”

The unsaid – but ultimately liberating – truth about business is that there is no one size fits all. As alluring as it is to believe in a magic formula you just haven’t come across yet, the truth is a lot more nuanced than that.

We all have different desires, needs, capacities and starting points – and that’s why I work with my clients to determine what success looks like for them, then utilise the tools + resources available to build it from the ground up. I don’t profess to offer ‘one perfect path’ – but I do help you find what’s perfect for you.


2. The Rags to Riches Overnight Success Story

aka “12 months ago, I was living in a dumpster, eating frozen hamburgers from the packet + crying myself to sleep every night. But today, I’m a millionaire entrepreneur with my own private jet, masseuse + 3 homes around the world!” *cue photo of them draped over a lamborghini in designer sunglasses*.

Firstly, let me say – OMG, I can’t even. 

Now we’ve got the eye rolls out the way, let’s be real. Building a successful, profitable business is the work of years – not months. It requires dedication, courage, commitment, trust, flexibility and a willingness to live on the edge of your comfort zone daily. I help my clients stay happy, healthy + sane throughout the journey of building their business sustainably – we don’t chase after photoshopped fakery + pie-in-the-sky marketing spiel.

what's wrong with the online business world?


3. The Overpriced Coaching Ponzi Scheme

aka “I charge 20k a month – because my coach charges me 30k, and hers charges her 50k. But don’t worry! You’ll be part of my close friends on Insta so you can appreciate my luxury lifestyle whilst you lie awake at night worrying about the credit card debt you’ve paid me with”…

I believe in fair, transparent pricing that can be reasonably built into the expenses of running a business – not on a number plucked out of thin air.

It’s important to me that support is accessible to people at all levels and as such, I calculate my pricing using a combination of time used, market rates + my current capacity. My aim is to deliver undeniable value for money that produces tangible change in your business. We do stuff – we don’t just talk about it.


4. The Cut + Run

aka “You’ll be part of my inner circle where you’ll receive personal guidance from me + everything you need to transform your business during this program!”{{**small print caveat: coaching calls + the community will be led by my team of trained associates + admin assistants. Actual access to me will be limited to one hour per month, where I’ll be answering questions from the 1,560 other people on the program**}}.

It drives me *insane* when people treat signing a new client as just another boost to their income (+ egos). When you choose to work with me, please know that I deeply honour your business. I keep my client roster manageable so I have the time, energy + capacity to fully partner with you. You’ll have my undivided, personal attention + brain power. I will have your back. I’m right here with you, for the highs, lows + everything in between. And I won’t leave you high + dry once we’re done… that’s why all my calls + packages come with follow up support built in.


Have you ever experienced any of these? What are your biggest peeves?

I would love to hear from you. Drop me a DM me on Instagram and let me know!

And if you’re ready to cut through the bs and get clear on exactly what to focus on next to grow and streamline your business, you’ll want to book a Clarity Clinic. Trust me – they’re powerful! 😉 Go here.

           Chelley x

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