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Are You When Then’ing Yourself?

“When I hit six figures, then I’ll take a week off”.

“When I lose 10lbs, then I’ll book that photoshoot”.

“When I pivot my business into that new model, then I’ll enjoy what I do”.


Do any of these sound familiar?

Then it’s highly likely you have a habit of “when then’ing” yourself (join the club 🤭).

For high-achievers like us, setting and working towards goals can be hugely powerful – they act as a conduit and focus for our time, energy and attention.

But falling too far down the “goals rabbit hole” can also leave us feeling empty and inadequate all the time we haven’t got ‘there’ (wherever there is).


be happy in business now


You may have noticed in the past when you achieved a goal you thought was going to be a huge deal that it actually seemed rather underwhelming when it came to pass.

Maybe you didn’t notice that revenue milestone you hit, until you were way past it…

Perhaps you booked that ‘trip of a lifetime’ expecting to be a new person, but quickly realised you’d simply bought ‘the old you’ with you, warts and all…

Or maybe you received that recognition or accolade you’d been dreaming of for years, but felt curiously empty once you knew you had it.


The trouble with all of these scenarios is that we put too much expectation on arbitrary milestones to fix, heal or happify us.

We put our trust in external circumstances to somehow solve every woe and create instant, perpetual bliss.

Even though it often feels like it, there is no magical ‘arrival’ at a place and time where everything becomes easy, perfect and amazing – and you never have to lift a finger again.

That’s mainly a marketing tactic that keeps us buying sh*t we don’t need in the vain hope that someday, we’ll be “fixed”.


But life – and business – aren’t like that, are they?


The truth is that:



enjoying the journey of business - slow business - intentional business


Right here, right now, this very moment, this day, this week, is where you get to enjoy yourself.

Where you get to relish your business and your life.

Where you get to laugh, introduce fun into everything you do, take a moment to breathe, relax, play, sing, write, dance, book that massage and love up on your family and friends.


Sure, milestones and achievements and goals are 100% valid, powerful, purposeful and satisfying.

But don’t when-then yourself.

Don’t withhold joy, celebration and contentment from your daily life.

You are enough. You are incredible. You deserve every happiness.

Not in a month, a year or next decade.

But right now.


This is your official permission slip to love yourself NOW. To relish exactly where you are on your business journey TODAY.

So book that holiday. Schedule that photoshoot. Take some time to celebrate all you’ve already accomplished.

And create a life and business that is truly a love story with yourself.


Until next time,

           Chelley x

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