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The First 2 Weeks – How To Set Your New Hire Up For Success

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

Hiring a new team member is SUCH an exciting milestone – it’s all about growth, progress and new possibilities on the horizon! 🚀

However, it’s important to prepare for and onboard your new hire properly to maximise the boost you’ll receive from their arrival. This doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming – below I share a simple day-by-day plan for their first two weeks with crucial information to share and tips on how to settle them in fast (of course, if you’ve hired a part-time worker or contractor, adjust as appropriate, but make sure you generally cover all the points! 🙂).


Day 1: Make Them Feel Welcome!

  • Set up a virtual 1:1 with the new hire and welcome them to the team
  • Follow this up with an All-Hands team meeting with any other team members
  • Introduce the company culture, mission, and values
  • Provide an overview of the team structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Share necessary documents like any handbooks, policies, SOPs etc
  • Set up their access to your business tools, software and communication channels
  • If you have an existing team, you may want to assign an ‘onboarding buddy’ or mentor for the new hire, who can answer questions and provide guidance


Day 2: Intro Tools + Systems

  • Ensure your new hire has all the relevant logins and permissions for the tools they’ll use whilst working with you
  • Explain project management tools and processes for tracking progress
  • Schedule training sessions with them (either yourself, or with other team members) and show them how essential tools work, what goes where and how the team collaborates together online
  • Encourage the new hire to explore and familiarise themselves with your tools
how to kick start a new employee

Day 3: Encourage Team Collaboration + Chats

  • Schedule virtual meetings with other team members individually or in small groups
  • Discuss communication channels and preferred modes of communication within the team
  • Make introductions and encourage fun and informal conversations between your new hire and other team members
  • Begin discussing ongoing projects and who is working on what as a full team


Day 4: Start Role-Specific Training

  • Begin in-depth training sessions (either yourself or via other team members) related to the new hire’s role
  • Provide guidance on your expectations of them, what their deliverables will be (either on a day-to-day basis, or project basis) and their key responsibilities
  • Discuss any best practices or procedures that you’d like them to follow
  • Share resources and materials if you’d like them to brush up their skills in any particular areas


Day 5: Let Them Shadow + Observe

  • If there are other team members that your new hire can learn from (that include you!) let them shadow and observe how you do things
  • Encourage your newbie to take notes and ask questions
  • Discuss what they’ve picked up and and provide feedback


Day 6: Share Your Goals + Expectations

  • Set up a meeting with the new hire to discuss the short-term and long-term goals for their role
  • Give an overview of your’s and the business’ goals, and align their individual goals with them
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics for measuring success
  • Clarify your expectations for their productivity, work quality and how they should communicate if issues arise
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Day 7: Time to Roll Up The Sleeves…

  • Assign the new hire a project or task that aligns with their role and abilities
  • Provide necessary background information and context and give them a clear deadline and expected deliverables
  • Assign a mentor who can provide guidance and support during the project


Day 8: Monitor Progress

  • Discuss developments in the project and encourage your new hire to ask as many questions as needed
  • Encourage them to actively engage in team discussions and contribute ideas


Day 9: Feedback + Review

  • Conduct a mid-point check-in to discuss the new hire’s progress and performance so far
  • Highlight and praise what they’ve done well
  • Be open and honest + address any concerns that you have thus far
  • Offer support and resources to help the new hire succeed in their role


Day 10: Share Culture + Your Values

  • Revisit the business’ culture, values and mission
  • Share any upcoming events, initiatives or social activities


By following this day-by-day plan, you’ll ensure your new team member feels welcome, comfortable and empowered to do their best work for you.

Everyone is unique, so be as flexible and adaptable as you can in tailoring the plan to their specific needs but investing time and effort in their onboarding process will set both them – and you – up for success over the longer term!

Want some help finding + leading your Dream Team? Let’s chat!

To Your Success,

           Chelley x

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