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Your Team Onboarding Checklist

Hey, Boss!

Congrats on hiring your new team member 👏

Let’s get them settled in smoothly with this simple 10 Step Onboarding Checklist:


1. Provide Necessary Access + Documentation

Prepare an employee handbook or welcome pack containing essential documents like contracts, confidentiality agreements and any other relevant forms. Make sure you’ve set up new logins and access to all your essential tools before they arrive.


2. Communicate Before the Start Date

Reach out to the new hire before their first day to welcome them, confirm their start date and time and provide any additional details they may need, such Zoom meeting details.


3. Give Them a Warm Welcome

Prepare the virtual desktop or workspace to give the new hire a warm welcome. Consider creating them a team profile ready for them to fill in or mail them a small gift or Amazon voucher to purchase remote working items they may need to make them feel appreciated.


4. Introduce the Team

Arrange introductions with team members, either in person or through virtual team meetings or 1:1s, to help the new hire familiarise themselves with their colleagues. Provide a brief overview of each team member’s role and encourage open communication.


5. Assign a Mentor or Buddy

Pair the new hire with a more experienced employee (it might be you!) who can serve as their mentor or buddy. This person can guide them, answer questions and provide support throughout the onboarding process.


new team member onboarding hiring checklist

6. Provide an Overview of Company Culture and Values

Share information about your business culture, values, mission and vision. Explain how these align with the new hire’s role and their individual projects and objectives.


7. Review Policies + Procedures

Take the time to explain important policies and procedures relevant to the new hire’s position. This may include preferred ways of working, boundaries, communication channels, managing vacations etc.


8. Set Clear Expectations + Goals

Clearly define the new hire’s responsibilities, performance expectations and any specific goals or targets they should strive to achieve. Provide them with a roadmap to success and explain how their role contributes to the business’s overall objectives.


9. Provide Training Opportunities

Identify any areas that the new hire may need additional training or development in and think through how to address this. This could include on-the-job training, online courses, workshops or mentoring sessions.


10. Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Schedule regular check-ins with your new hire, particularly during the first few weeks to answer any questions and address any concerns that come up. They’ll also need 1:1 time with you to work on tasks and projects, so be sure to make yourself available and share any relevant information!


Even though it’s tempting to expect your new hire to be running the entire business after 7 days (if only 🙃), bear in mind that onboarding is an ongoing process.

Providing continuous support, feedback and opportunities for growth will help your new hire feel valued and motivated to do their best work and bring huge value to your biz! And if you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to help 🙏

To Your Success,

           Chelley x

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