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Well, Hello There!

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Tell me, Friend…

How many times have you (not so) secretly thought about packing this all in and getting a ‘real’ job?

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After all, it makes sense. The safety. The predictability. The good pay cheque.

And yet…

Here you are. You little rebel 😉

Still here. Still striving. Still following the whispers of your heart that say ‘I have something more to give. To share. To believe in. I want this… even when it’s crazy-making and exhausting and I feel like giving up. I want this!’.

Oh, I see you.

That’s why I’m on a mission to uplift, inspire and empower women like you to create a joyful, thriving business that makes the world a better place!

Have we met yet? I’m Chelley!

Recovering Perfectionist, Type-A Personality and Multiple-Burnout Survivor.

My zone of genius is helping service-based business owners reclaim their time and freedom, so they can stress less and live more!

Over the past 17 years, I’ve helped dozens of businesses from solopreneurs to multinational corporations streamline and simplify so they can evolve with ease.

I’ve developed a knack for seeing exactly what’s happening beneath the surface – which allows me to quickly identify blocks and efficiently implement the steps needed to regain that beautiful sense of flow.

And it’s not just the practical steps.

Without the strategy and mindset behind taking action, you can easily find yourself spinning your wheels.

So, I embody a combination of the intuitive and structured. I’m deeply creative and highly perceptive – yet fantastically organised and able to bring ideas to life in a process-driven way.

In short, I provide a blended approach of masculine and feminine qualities, helping to rebalance you and your business, so all parts flow seamlessly together.

Think of me as a combination of your On-Demand Business Partner, Fractional COO, Growth Strategist, Tech Specialist and Organisational Guru.

Someone who sees the bigger picture, helps you brainstorm and directs the business successfully… whilst also crunching numbers, optimising sales funnels and helping you build a rockstar team!

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So why do I do what I do?

Well, settle in, grab a cuppa and let me tell you….

Back in 2016, I lived and breathed the epitome of the true ‘go-getter’ lifestyle.

I was constantly striving for success, epitomising the ‘good girl’ and checking all the boxes society told me guaranteed a good life… high-flying career, six-figure consulting business and a glamorous London lifestyle to boot.

I should have been happy. But instead, I found myself deeply disillusioned with life, wandering around in a fog of unhappiness and depression that simply wouldn’t go away.

I began to realise all the stories I’d been told belonged to someone else.

And then it all came crashing down when my then-business, relationship, and physical and mental health imploded in one spectacular fireball.

Whilst it seemed at the time that life had stripped away all my security and purpose, I now look back on it as a moment of clarity. Because it was at that moment when everything that wasn’t meant to come with me on the next part of my journey fell away.

I was forced to painfully examine all the flawed premises I’d been living under. I finally understood that the versions of success I’d been striving for didn’t belong to (or even come from) me.

Over the next few years, I undertook a journey of deep healing and personal exploration, releasing the old notions of success I’d based my life around.

Since then, I’ve evolved every aspect of my life and am now happier than I ever thought possible!

Unlike previously, when I frequently sacrificed my values, boundaries and health in pursuit of “success”, I now have a thriving business and fulfilling lifestyle that honours my own unique needs and desires.

So, here I am today… supporting heart-centred entrepreneurs to let go of the ‘shoulds’, so they can create an enjoyable, profitable and sustainable business that enables their desired lifestyle.

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The bit where I mention

My credentials…

  • chelley wild icons 02I’ve consulted on business strategy in the boardrooms of some of the world's biggest brands - like the BBC, Toyota, the UK Government, Accenture, Jimmy Choo and the Discovery Channel
  • chelley wild icons 02I’ve worked with dozens of small businesses, including social media managers, yoga studios, virtual assistants, architects, life coaches, artists and many more
  • chelley wild icons 02Alongside my nearly two decades of experience, I’m also very proud to be Certified as an OBM by the International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM). It’s an absolute honour to be amongst the most respected and experienced OBMs in the industry
  • chelley wild icons 02I have a post-graduate diploma in Counselling Skills, and another in Journalism
  • chelley wild icons 02I trained as a business and life coach at the BYC Academy in Australia
  • chelley wild icons 02And it doesn’t stop there! I want to offer you cutting edge skills when we work together, so I’m continually expanding my technical and management expertise with regular training, masterclasses and workshops

Now for the stuff you’re probably more interested in!

My promise to you:

When we work together, I consider your business my business.

I purposely keep my client roster small, so that I have the bandwidth to truly dive deep with you and dedicate significant time and energy to creating massive momentum. We won’t just talk about stuff… we’ll actually do it.

I understand that half the battle of business is just keeping going sometimes. And that’s why all my packages offer ongoing support so I can continue to help you overcome the day-to-day hurdles and stay focused.

I’ll be your sounding board, strategic wing woman and general partner in crime 😉

And you’ll feel totally supported and in very capable hands.

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My Core Values

Integrity and Honesty

My favourite definition of integrity is “doing the right thing when nobody’s watching”. I strive to embody and deliver integrity in everything I do. Trusting yourself and those you work with is a huge part of feeling aligned and comfortable in your business. And integrity is the core around which trust is built.

Together, We Rise!

I believe heart-aligned businesses are one of the most potent forces for good in our world right now. It’s my privilege to play even a tiny part in that movement, helping entrepreneurs empower themselves, their clients, their team members, their communities and their families.

Collaboration Over Competition

I believe our mutual success lies in collaboration, community and kindness. Not competition, pulling each other down or using nefarious marketing tactics based on fear. I choose to work with those who are committed to growing in an ethical, sustainable and self-aware way.

Enjoying the Journey

Those of us who have chosen the entrepreneurial path are undoubtedly some of the most ambitious and driven people we’re ever likely to meet. Whilst that powerful desire provides huge momentum, the downside can sometimes be we never feel satisfied with where we are, always comparing ourselves and constantly hankering after more.

Despite the marketing spiel to the contrary, I’ve found it to be true that building a profitable and enjoyable business takes time. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! This is why I strive to help my clients actually enjoy and fully participate in each step of their journey.

Strong Foundations

In the race to make maximum profit with minimal effort in business, there’s often the temptation to ‘half arse’ things (as we Brits would say!).

Whilst there’s 100% a place for doing things in the most cost-effective, speedy way, there are also some solid foundational business principles that stand us in good stead for the sustainable scaling of a business in the future. I endeavour to advocate for these practices, both in my and my clients’ businesses, so we avoid reinventing the wheel and changing the same systems and processes every six months!

Laying solid foundations, selecting tech and team members with intentionality, and optimising decision-making through accurate metrics all ensure growth is achieved with real peace of mind.

Fun, Play and Positivity

Leading your team with courage, fostering genuine relationships with collaborators and serving clients from a deep sense of integrity is essential for staying the course long-term.

Whilst we’ll always have days that make us want to crawl back under the duvet, it’s usually our friends, mentors, coaches, colleagues, team members, clients and partners who pull us out of the slump and remind us how to smile.

With that in mind, I strive to bring positive energy and a sense of fun to everything I do and invite a sense of openness, exploration and authenticity to the teams I work with.

Are you Ready to create a business and a life you truly love?

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Clarity Clinic

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A potent full day mastermind - either in person or virtual - to upgrade and streamline one or more key areas of your business

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Partner In Your Pocket

Comprehensive ongoing support, strategy and implementation to uplevel every aspect of your mindset and business ecosystem

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