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Clarity Clinic

A stabilising, clarifying space to put down the load, rekindle your fire and receive insightful support on your most pressing issues and priorities

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When was the last time you felt truly clear about where you’re going in business?

Let’s face it – it’s *SO* easy to get in your own way and tie yourself in mental knots…

Should you launch that podcast, or revamp your packages? Is that big ticket coach really the answer to your prayers? Where will you find the time for those 5,245 half-finished tasks on your To Do list? Or the 3 potential clients you haven’t got back to because you just don’t. have. the. Brainpower?

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You instinctively know there MUST be a way forward… but sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

You’re tired of feeling like you’re on a thankless hamster wheel…

You just want to feel in control. Focused. Calm.

Like you can actually *do this*.

Introducing the Clarity Clinic.

It’s a rapid-fire way to create immediate relief.

We’ll press pause on the day-to-day and clarify exactly what the next level for your business looks like… then map out a crystal-clear path to get there!

It’s all about stripping things right back, so you can feel calm, organised and focused on what you need to do to make your business work for you.

We’ll get back in touch with your Big Why, rekindle the fire under those sweet goals of yours and brain dump all the clutter so you can reclaim your mental white space.

We’ll also identify some quick wins (because who doesn’t love a quick win?!) to help you banish headless chicken mode and boost your bank balance.

It’s like having a business bestie to help you figure things out. Someone you trust to talk things through and give you an external perspective. Someone who believes in you, keeps you on track and gives you a loving butt kick when needed!

All without a hefty price tag or long-term commitment.

“Before my Clinic with Chelley, I had a feel for what I wanted to work towards over the next few years, but I needed a clearer vision and goals that felt juicy and motivating.

Chelley helped draw all of that out of me and more. Our session together felt completely curated for me and Chelley was the perfect guide: holding space, intuitively switching up the pace and helping me tune into what I truly want to create.

The whole experience was perfectly planned. The visualisations, the goal setting, the planning – it was all so powerful and I now feel completely reassured that I’m on my right path and know the next steps.

After our session, I felt light and bouncy and excited to get going! I truly feel have everything I need to keep going and realise my dreams – all I have to do is just do the next 1 thing!”


Jen Smith-Stemp

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How Does It Work?

The Clarity Clinic is designed to give you a short, sharp influx of focus and organisation. It has the power to take all of your ideas, to do’s, sticky notes, dreams, goals and fears and transform them into a cohesive picture.

After our time together, you’ll be feeling like you’ve suddenly got a handle on all this business shenanigans; you’ll have a clear, step-by-step plan that feels totally manageable, you’ll be fired up about your goals and excited to dive in!

Here’s how the process works:

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Pre-Session Prep Pack

After selecting a time slot that works with your schedule, you’ll receive your Prep Pack, which guides you through a series of questions that give us a clear plan of exactly what we’ll focus on during our Session.

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Clarity Clinic Session

Let’s get cracking! We’ll meet on Zoom for 70 minutes and get stuck into your desires, upcoming projects, what’s working right now and what’s not. I’ll walk you through my unique process, decluttering your mind and setting out a clear game plan as we go.

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Roadmap Delivery

After we’ve met, I’ll put together a bespoke Action Roadmap for you, laying out everything we’ve discussed, your new goals, expert recommendations and referrals, and a step-by-step plan for creating immediate momentum.

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Ongoing Support and Accountability 

You’ll have private access to me through Voxer / Slack / WhatsApp (your choice) for the next five working days, so you can share any ‘a-ha’s’ that come up post-session and stay accountable on those first few critical actions.

Who is the Clarity Clinic For?

  • chelley wild icons 02You run a service business and work with several clients. Perhaps you’re a creative, consultant, agency owner, freelancer or bricks-and-mortar business owner
  • chelley wild icons 02You’ve achieved a certain amount of success in your business, but everything feels a tad… precarious. There’s not a lot of structure in place, and you feel pulled around by unexpected events on a daily basis
  • chelley wild icons 02You’ve lost sight of what you really want and find yourself at the mercy of shiny object syndrome on the regular
  • chelley wild icons 02You’re frustrated that you’re not making progress on the projects and goals that you know are important
  • chelley wild icons 02The overwhelm of your to-do list is spilling over into other areas of your life and your health is beginning to suffer
  • chelley wild icons 02You’re not looking for a magic pill - you know YOU need to do the work - but you DO need clarity, direction and a trusted collaborator to work things through
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“Chelley is fantastic! Since starting to work together, I not only have a lot more clarity – but actually a PLAN to grow and develop my business.

I feel more focused and, even though I’ve been in business for a number of years, and have started feeling like a ‘legit’ entrepreneur. My business has really grown since working with Chelley – I’m now fully booked with 1:1 clients and (at the time of writing this) have dozens of people on my waitlist.

It’s great to have somebody who genuinely cares, is conscientious, proactive and so helpful. Chelley is a big advocate for self-care too, and I love that she always finds ways to weave this into our planning and implementation.

She’s helped me set up systems and decide on the most efficient way of managing my social media accounts, team, processes and funnel. I’m thrilled and it has made my life SO much easier. Working together has made everything fun and interesting.

I really trust Chelley to ‘deliver the goods’. I’ve been so impressed with everything she’s presented to me – even the templates she’s shared are highly impressive and we now regularly use them in decision-making.

I can’t imagine (or even remember!) what life was like pre-Chelley.

She is the Strategist every business owner needs!

I love working with her – she’s professional, trustworthy, highly competent, very enthusiastic and supportive, calm in a crisis with a very positive ‘can-do’ attitude – simply a joy to work with. I feel lucky to have her supporting my business.”

Mary Toolan

Clarity Clinic


The Prep Pack
70min Intensive Call
Bespoke Action Roadmap
5 Working Days of Follow-Up Support

Just £250

Hey, I’m Chelley!

My superpower is creating clarity from chaos. I love nothing more than a garbled set of notes, a big dream and a vague deadline (really!).

My clients are passionate business owners like you – people who have a fire in their belly and love what they do – they just need a little help in figuring out how to make it happen.

Want to go deeper?

Check out my Business Glow Up Day and Partner In Your Pocket Package!

Got a specific project in mind?

Book a calendar slot, grab a coffee and let’s chat it through!

You’ll be amazed at the insights and clarity that come through when you give yourself the time and space to step out of the day-to-day, allow yourself to dream again and receive loving support!