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Partner In Your Pocket

A powerful blend of mindset, strategy + implementation for those ready for a 360° business upgrade

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There comes a time in business when you realise it’s impossible to go bigger or do more when it’s just you.

No matter how many extra hours you put in, there are certain fundamental blockers that keep you from scaling.

Foundations to stabilise before you can welcome a team.

Projects to complete before you can uplevel your clients.

Assets to create to unlock new income streams.

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But right now…

just keeping the wheels on is keeping you busy from dawn to dusk.

You’re so flat out working IN your business, you rarely get the chance to work ON your business.

Congratulations! You have reached the end of ‘Phase One’ of business – the tipping point at which you’re becoming established. You have a good inflow of clients. Your packages are relatively clear. And you’re making enough money to pay yourself and your expenses (just).

You can choose to continue on in the way you currently are… but you sense that what got you here won’t get you there.

It’s time to step into a fresh phase – and that means unleveling your systems, strategies and mindset.

Welcome to Partner In Your Pocket.

Spoiler alert – contrary to what many will tell you, successfully evolving beyond this point doesn’t involve piling more to-do’s on your overflowing plate.

Instead, it requires a new focus on putting foundations and systems in place that allow you to reduce doing… and instead, focus on leading.

It’s about getting all the ideas, ways of working, sticky notes, task lists and client comms out of your head and into a system that can be accessed by others.

It’s about creating structures that allow you to add new clients or team members easily and quickly. And it’s about you being willing to gradually step away from wearing all the hats in your business, so you can just wear the one that suits you best.

That’s why I created Partner In Your Pocket – a unique 12 week 1:1 container that combines done-for-you and done-with-you implementation on your key projects, alongside strategy and mindset work. 

“Before I started working with Chelley, I was overwhelmed and exhausted by constantly switching between all the tasks in my business and trying to do them all simultaneously. It made me nervous to attract more clients, as I was worried about burning out and not being able to deliver my services consistently. It led to a feast-or-famine cycle that felt unsafe.

I knew I needed to grow my team and implement systems in order to grow, but I wasn’t sure how to do that when I was constantly in the weeds of my business.

With Chelley’s help, I began to envision myself in a leadership role + realised I could develop sustainable growth for my business without having to constantly be its only energy source.

Together, we mapped out important business systems and implemented projects with her constant support, reminders and encouragement along the way. We got done in a single month what took me YEARS to do on my own before!

My business is almost unrecognisable (in a good way!) from when we started…the systems we developed have brought true consistency and financial stability and in the last two years, we’ve more than tripled revenue.

Originally, I thought I wanted to create digital products that would allow me to step away from the business… but now my goal is building a supportive team to serve our clients and being empowered in my role as the visionary and steward of the business, delivering an even higher level of service. These days, I feel like my business supports me and my team as much as we support it!

I would highly recommend working with Chelley if you want to take your business to the next level. She is exactly who I needed to work with – and is also a truly lovely human!”

Allison Grant-Lounes

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Why a Partner?

When I first launched my business, I started out offering classic Online Business Management retainers – delivering a certain number of hours in my clients’ businesses with the overall focus of being their right hand woman.

As our relationships deepened over time, I witnessed many of my clients have true transformations in the way they viewed their businesses – they felt like success was actually possible, they felt supported, they felt like they didn’t need to do it all on their own anymore. The burden was shared. They didn’t have to make every single decision. They had a back up. A trusted confidante. A second in command.

It was amazing. They said it felt like coming home.

There was just one problem.

The pricing necessary for this kind of support excluded many of the clients who needed it most.

Plus, many of my clients had zero structure or processes in place. This meant that both me and other team members hired to help grow the business spent (wasted?) untold hours trying to untangle and decode our clients’ cryptic ways of working.

So I decided to take the best bits of OBM retainers – ongoing support, high quality implementation, strategic partnership – and combine them with a lower-cost container that makes the same support accessible to businesses earlier in their journeys.

Think of it as the missing link between winging it alone, and onboarding your dream team. Why not get them – and yourself – set up for success for scaling with ease from the get-go?

How Does It Work?

When you choose to partner with me, you’ll have my brain and heart on and in your business. You’ll no longer be alone – instead, I’ll be right here alongside you, figuring out how to move forward and what to work on.

I treat your business like my business. I’m in your corner. And I’m rooting for you every step of the way. Plus, I’ll deploy my 17 years of business-building experience in service to your success.

Here’s how the process works:

  • chelley wild icons 02We kick off Month 1 with a full day 1:1 Mastermind. We’ll get to know each other, organise ideas, set goals, lay out a crystal-clear roadmap and dive deeper into key areas of your business
  • chelley wild icons 02Each month, we’ll have a further 60min Strategy Session to create more momentum, troubleshoot and continue implementing
  • chelley wild icons 02Months 2 and 3 then begin with their own Get It Done Days. These days are dedicated to taking massive action on key business projects and tasks, such as organising a back-end business hub, creating marketing assets, or hiring new team members
  • chelley wild icons 02Throughout the entire process, you’ll have private access to me through Voxer / Slack / WhatsApp (your choice) to continue the conversation, share thoughts, answer questions and get accountable.

Your investment for this powerful blend of strategy and intensive action is just £1,200 a month, for a minimum of 3 months.

Ready to receive all the benefits of a trusted business partner – but without any of the paperwork or expense?

Book a free Coffee Chat, and let’s see if we’re a good fit!

Why Long Term Support?

I have found through working with dozens of businesses of all sizes that real change takes time.

Upleveling your mindset and the foundations of your business is not a one-and-done quick fix – it’s an ongoing process where each piece of the puzzle is placed and fitted with intention. Sometimes progress is rapid, and sometimes it takes more time. 

But if you are able to stay with the work for 3, 6, 12 months, you will likely exprience a profound and permanent shift in how you relate to yourself and your business.

Over time, I see my clients reach a new place where we have created a supportive and sustainable ecosystem of clients, collaborators, financial practices and systems that ensures running their business feels joyful and like being ‘at home’.

Who is Partner In Your Pocket For?

  • chelley wild icons 02You run a service business and work with several clients. Perhaps you’re a creative, consultant, agency owner, freelancer or bricks-and-mortar business owner
  • chelley wild icons 02You’ve achieved a good amount of success in your business - but everything feels a tad… precarious. Money is coming in, but there’s not a lot of structure or consistency
  • chelley wild icons 02You’re frustrated that the big vision and goals you’re holding in your heart don’t have a chance to come to fruition because you’re spending every waking moment just doing the doing
  • chelley wild icons 02You’re ready to bring in a team and work with more clients - but the systems you currently have in place are creaking under the strain and simply won’t hold up to the strain
  • chelley wild icons 02You’re not looking for a magic pill - you know YOU need to do the work - but you DO need clarity, direction and a trusted collaborator to work things through
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“Before I connected with Chelley, I was staring down the barrel of a massive project that I had been attempting to get complete for several months. Not only did the project itself feel overwhelming, there was also a ton of emotional baggage around it that I was finding hard to wade through.

Being an ex-OBM myself, I’m a stickler for detail and needed to get this project absolutely spot on. I’d outsourced the project to other freelancers over the past year, but was getting more and more frustrated at their lack of attention to detail. By the time I met Chelley I felt at a loss for how to move the project forward to completion.

From the very first conversation Chelley and I had, I felt instantly relieved. It was clear immediately that we shared the same deep dedication to delivering excellence and a committed perseverance to producing accurate results.

It was like the clouds parted and a ray of clarity came down! She cleverly broke the project down into manageable chunks, and together we tackled it piece by piece. Even when things got gnarly and we discovered huge errors on the part of another team member that set us back days, she stayed calm, positive and led us forward.

The sense of relief and mental white space that I got from finally completing this project was huge. If you’re up against it and need someone you can rely on without question – Chelley is your woman!”

Kate Kenney

Ready to get started?

Here’s what you need to do next…

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First, we’ll jump on a quick 30-minute Coffee Chat (which you can book using the button below), so we can make sure we’re a good fit. I can answer any questions you might have and walk through how the package works

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Hooray! Our call went wonderfully well, so now I’ll whizz you over a contract to sign and an invoice to pay

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As soon as all the paperwork’s sorted, we’ll set the date for our Kick Off Day!

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Before then, we’ll make sure you’re all prepped and ready to go. Keep an eye on your inbox for your Prep Pack. Oh, and I’ll provide you with all the logistics info you need… location, travel, food info etc, if necessary, too.

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Not ready for a partner, but still want decisive support to move your
business forward?

Let’s build a business you can be proud of and thrilled to run – today, tomorrow, and five years from now.

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